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Why Do I Need X-Rays?

X-Rays and radiographic examinations are an important tool in diagnosing existing and potential problems in the mouth.

Dental X-RaysMore thorough than a visual examination, they show your dentist the condition of your teeth, and their roots, especially any decay between teeth or abscesses and infections; jaw placement and the general alignment of your facial bones. An X-ray can also help your dentist detect periodontal (gum) disease, cysts, tumours and other abnormal growths.

We take extreme pride in the fact that many of our patients have been coming to us for the care of their teeth for their whole life. Whether it's your first visit to our North Shore dentist surgery, or you’ve been coming to see us for the last 60 years, we welcome you as one of the family.

At Pymble Dental we follow the ALARA principle, or As Low as Reasonable Achievable, when it comes to radiation. By using digital radiographs, the amount of x-rays needed to expose the film is drastically less than the old-fashioned films system.

Our team of dentists are all from the North Shore area and all of them are raising families of their own. This gives them a unique insight into your needs and concerns when it comes to choosing a family or children's dentist in Pymble.

Our support staff have been specially chosen for their caring, compassionate manner and are trained to be problem solvers. They will work with you from start to finish, and can answer any of your questions or concerns.

Our Siemens digital Panoramic X ray unit (OPG) allows us to visualise the teeth, jaw joints, bones, sinuses, airways and much more so we can be as thorough as we need to be without excessive use of several x rays.