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Technology at Pymble Dental

Quality Dental ServicesIn our efforts to continue as one of the leading dental surgeries on the North Shore, we regularly keep updated with advances in technology. By utilising the latest techniques and newest equipment, we offer our patients more comfort and safety in the exam room.

In addition to our commitment to technology, we also have a detailed and extensive manual of best practices that we’ve developed over the long life of our practice. This commitment to providing quality dental services with consistency means that everyone on our team is trained to handle all situations in the most efficient manner.

Leading the Way

We currently use the latest Siemens Digital panoramic x-ray machine, which offers the lowest dosage while producing the highest quality images. We have over 23 years of experience using this technology, being the first to introduce it to the Upper North Shore, so you're assured a safe and accurate diagnosis.

All of our surgeries are equipped with the latest German dental chairs and associated equipment, providing you with the highest possible level of comfort and safety.

Why Do I Need X-Rays?

X-Rays and radiographic examinationsX-Rays and radiographic examinations are an important tool in diagnosing existing and potential problems in the mouth. More thorough than a visual examination, they show your dentist the condition of your teeth, and their roots, especially any decay between teeth or abscesses and infections; jaw placement and the general alignment of your facial bones.

An X-ray can also help your dentist detect periodontally (gum) disease, cysts, tumours and other abnormal growths.

Sterilisation and Patient Safety

Sterilisation and Patient SafetyOffering quality dental services also means a strict adherence to all guidelines for preventing infection in our patients. This includes thorough sterilisation of all handpieces (drills) and hospital-grade autoclaving of instruments after each and every patient. Whenever possible, disposable materials are used, such as disposable plastic sheets on all points of contact to prevent cross infection.


We have been chosen to be a pilot practice for accreditation as our North Shore practice has been fully systemised for over four decades. Our systems underpin our quality standards.