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Sterilisation & Patient Safety

Pymble Dental Practice is Accredited Dental Clinic located on the North Shore. A key component of this accreditation is a strict adherence to all guidelines for preventing infection in our patients.

This includes thorough sterilisation of all handpieces (drills) and hospital-grade autoclaving of instruments after each and every patient. Whenever possible, disposable materials are used, such as disposable plastic sheets on all points of contact to prevent cross infection.

Not only do our instruments go through the standard ultrasonic and autoclave, but we have also invested in a hospital grade Miele sterilising washer, used as an additional step to ensure ultimate cleanliness. We have a rigid protocol for tracking and tracing all critical instruments so that we can ensure that every load put through our procedure is checked and double checked by staff and by indicators and inbuilt computerised tests in the autoclave.

Dental Practice Accreditation

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