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Your First Appointment

You've arrived at our North Shore Dental Practice for the first time. Here is what you can expect from your initial appointment at Pymble Dental.

This appointment is the foundation for developing a good personal relationship and assessing your current dental condition. Firstly, we ask you to discuss with us any current or previous dental problems and conditions, and also any requests you may have.

You can save time by downloading and filling out our new patient form and bringing it along to your appointment.

The appointment is usually 30 to 60 minutes duration. Typically, the following occurs:

  • Preliminary discussion of your areas of concern
  • Discussion of your long term goals for your teeth
  • Examination (including decay, cracks, aesthetic assessment, jaw bite assessment, oral cancer screening)
  • X-ray examination (A Panoramic X-ray to show the overall view and individual x-rays for close-up detail) as required
  • Gum and oral hygiene assessment

Your Dental Treatment Plan

Once the diagnostic information and your requests have been assessed, we can discuss the overall treatment plan and also tooth by tooth planning including:

  • Treatment options
  • Information sheets or brochures for relevant treatment
  • Fees
  • Advantages and disadvantages and risk and benefits of different procedures and materials
  • Prioritizing treatment, staging treatment over time to minimize time and financial impact

Any emergency treatment will be attended to and there may be time available to do a Scale and Polish at this appointment if requested.

A written Treatment Plan and Fee Estimate will be sent out to you following this appointment to confirm options in more complicated treatment plan situations.

Why We Do These Things:

The condition of your mouth can be like a mirror of the body. Often it is the dentist who will pick up the initial signs of an underlying medical condition. This can also work in reverse - your other medical conditions and medications can cause problems in your mouth.

Early detection of these situations allows proactive treatment, which will minimise the long-term impact.

Download our New Patient Form and bring it with you for your first appointment. To find out more contact our reception today.