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March 2017

Dr Farrington practicing 5 days a week

Having now been at Pymble Dental Practice since 2014, Dr David Farrington can be seen 5 days a week from 7:45am to accommodate the increased demand and growth we have had at the practice. We appreciate your referrals of friends and family, and will now have more appointments available to see them!

Late night Tuesdays have proven to be extremely popular, and we will look to extend hours in the coming months on another night.

50th Anniversary Patients

This year marks the 50th year anniversary of Bettina and Eberhard Von Richter’s relationship with Pymble Dental Practice, of which Dr Cooke has been caring for them for 30 years. It is a real privilege for us to be able to care for people and their families throughout their whole lives. We love sharing in their family moments over the years. The very least we could do was give them a free check-up today for their loyalty! Many may remember Mr Von Richter as he was the gardener at Knox for 35 years.

50th anniversary patients

Dr Cooke with Bettina and Eberhard Von Ric

Accidents and Emergencies

Chipped upper front tooth
Chipped upper front tooth

After emergency treatment at Pymble Dental Practice
After treatment at Pymble Dental Practice with resin bonding

A broken front tooth can be a devastating emotional and physical injury for both children and parents! We will always prioritise an emergency and aim to see you the same day if required.

Our after-hours emergency phone can be reached by following the instructions on the answering service. Find out more about our emergency dental services.

Steph wins University Dental award

Many of you may have met Stephanie in her capacity as a Dental Assistant at Pymble over the last 3 or so years. Steph came to us as a PLC student with an interest in dentistry as a career, volunteering her time after school. Steph won admission to The Dental School Charles Sturt University, Orange, after finishing year 12. She has helped us in her university holidays as a Dental Assistant. We were delighted to hear that she has just been awarded the “Best Overall Performance in Biodental Sciences” for second year dentistry.

Sports Mouthguards

Sports Mouthguards

Mouthguards are essential for any contact sport and recommended in most other ball sports especially rugby, soccer, hockey, touch football, softball and most other sports popular around the Northern suburbs schools and clubs.

Benefits of a Dentist fitted mouthguard:

  • Protect teeth from breakage or being knocked out
  • Reduce Jaw fractures
  • Prevent teeth injuring lips
  • Reduce concussion blows transmitted to head through jaw

In order to properly fit a mouthguard an upper and lower mold of the teeth are taken, and sometimes a bite record. This is so it can be properly balanced and there is less force transmitted to the brain!