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Gum Lift

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Everyone wants to smile, it’s infectious and best of all, it’s free. However, we sometimes feel too self conscious and it stops us from flashing our grin. The good thing is that we live in a time where cosmetic changes are not uncommon and are widely accepted. With the continued enhancement of cosmetic dentistry, patients can now request treatments like a gingivectomy, or gum lift, to put your gums in the best possible position.

What is a Gingivectomy or Gum Lift Procedure?

Excessive gums could be caused by a number of things such as an excess in the length of the maxillary alveolar bone, misaligned teeth, thin lips, protruding teeth, periodontitis and genetics also has something to do with it. Commonly done on the front teeth, a gum lift removes excess gum tissues with the use of a laser. That said, the laser is the same thing that seals it. Patients shouldn't expect any bleeding. In addition, the gums are anaesthetised during the process so, it would be completely painless. Those who have Invisalign, porcelain veneers or lip injections are no stranger to gum lifts and often get it for best results.

Is It Safe? 

Each case is unique so it undergoes proper evaluation before the procedure is done. To some it would be necessary to have it done because the excessive thickness of their gums make it impossible for them to close their mouths fully. Generally, gum lifts do not take long to finish. It could be done in about 20 - 30 minutes without needing stitches.

If a significant bone growth in the mouth is discovered, a recontouring would be necessary. Some get anxious when it comes to dental care so that may delay the process a little. But, what’s good is that patients are given utmost care to make sure they can comfortably and safely undergo the gum lift treatment.

After the Procedure

The gums heal quite fast for many, but there are a few that still feel some sensitivity after the procedure. Rinsing it with salt water is a tried and tested and easy technique that lessens the risk of irritation. It works as a great disinfectant and hardly costs anything.

Avoiding piping hot, frozen and spicy food would make the healing faster. Brushing with less vigour and flossing gently are recommended. Recovery is expected after a day or two, so if you experience swelling or bleeding after that, give your doctor a call or a visit.

Is It for You?

If having a "gummy" smile never made you feel uncomfortable, you probably don’t need gum lifts. But if you feel that it’s stopping you from having a good time, or you worry that people would notice then, it’s time you consider getting it done. Just drop by the clinic and ask the dentists about the procedure and keep yourself informed. Contact us today for a consulation.