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Have a Dental Emergency? Let Our Dentists at Pymble Dental Treat You

Our dentist surgery in Pymble is the only practice on the North Shore with a registered dental technician on site. This offers you the comfort of knowing that you can get same-day quality dental service in case of an emergency for:

  • Denture repairs
  • Custom sports mouthguards
  • Whitening trays
  • Denture re-lines

At our Pymble surgery, our dentists can also treat toothaches and gum infections, and fix broken teeth and fillings.

Emergency Broken Tooth

Emergency Broken Tooth Before

Emergency Broken Tooth After 1/3

Emergency Broken Tooth After 1/3

Emergency Broken Tooth After 2/3

Emergency Broken Tooth After 2/3

Emergency Broken Tooth After 3/3

Emergency Broken Tooth After 3/3


Dealing with Misfortune

If you or your loved one has had an accident and have knocked out or have a tooth loosened, then you need to see a dentist immediately. If it is serious, try and do so within an hour. Before you see the dentist at our North Shore surgery follow these instructions to help ensure a positive outcome:

  • Use a finger to lightly reposition the tooth to its usual place but don’t force it into position or repeatedly play with it.
  • If you can, keep your teeth softly clenched to keep the tooth in position.
  • Don't chew or over-clench.
  • Don't have any hot food or beverages.
  • If a tooth is fully knocked out, then put it in a glass of milk. Do NOT put it in tap water or scrub the tooth's root.

Read more about what to do in a dental emergency

In an Emergency, Trust Our Quality Dental Services

If you have a dental emergency phone our North Shore practice and we will instruct you on how to best make yourself comfortable until you see one of our dentists.

If you or someone in your family, such as your children, needs to urgently see a dentist, call us immediately or drop into our practice as soon as you can. Our family dentists will do their best to ease your pain and treat your injury.

For more information phone 02 9488 7676 or enquire online.