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Children's Dentistry

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Caring North Shore Dentists Dedicated to Children's Dentistry

If you have children, we know the lengths that you go through to look after their wellbeing and to ensure that they have the best head start in life.

From a dental perspective, getting your kids into good habits early delivers immediate and future benefits to their health.

Teaching the next generation about proper oral hygiene from an early age can help prevent problems with teeth in the future, saving your child from discomfort and embarrassment. It will also save you money.

Located on the North Shore, our friendly dentists initially work on establishing a positive relationship with your children. A process that can begin when the child turns three.

Being family people, our dentists all genuinely like children and kids respond to this. They feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Child-Friendly Dental Treatments

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The Importance of Proper Oral Hygiene

Correct dental hygiene habits are essential for everyone’s wellbeing. When children have positive, early experiences with a dentist they will be more likely to develop good habits early on.

At Pymble Dental, our dentists emphasise the importance of children developing good oral hygiene habits early because of the lasting effects it has on their health. We also provide advice on what diet is best followed in the fight against tooth decay.

With our service, our dentists monitor the child’s dental development and the arrival of new teeth. If needed, they can also extract any loose baby teeth. Our dentists can do cleanings, fillings, fissure sealings and provide fluoride treatments. As children age and begin participating in sports we can also mould mouth guards for them.

Children's Dental Charts

children's dental tooth eruption chartChildren's dental chart eruption of permanent teethClick to view a larger image.

Entrust Your Child’s Oral Health to a Quality Dentist

Our team of dentists are parents first, giving them experience and know-how in working with young people to relax them so they have a positive experience in dental surgery.

Identifying and treating potential problems early on while teaching how to take care of dental health for babies & toddlers will set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth while saving you time and money. Let's work together in teaching your child proper oral hygiene and a healthy diet.

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